COVID-19 Salon Safety Protocols

Here are the guidelines that Form Salon has decided to implement and are broken down into the following categories: Clients, Stylists and Staff, and Form Salon Environment

For Clients

  1. Clients will fill out a COVID-19 health and safety questionnaire prior to start of appointment.
  2. Client temperature will be taken before appointment begins, any client registering a temperature above 99.5 degrees will be asked to reschedule.
  3. Client must immediately wash hands upon entering salon.
  4. Client must wear a mask that loop around ears for the entire duration of appointment, please be aware that anyone receiving a color service may get color stains on their mask and should consider wearing a disposable one.
  5. No snacks or beverages will be available and no outside food or drink will be permitted in the salon.
  6. Client smocks will not be available for use, so please keep this in mind for color appointments. However, clients will be covered in a cape during entire appointment. 
  7. Clients may not bring any guests or children with them to appointments.
  8. Please only bring necessary items into salon for appointment. Please leave any extra bags, purses, and jackets at home or in your car.
  9. Form Salon waiting area will be closed, please wait in your car until you are called to enter the salon for your scheduled appointment. 
  10. All clients should arrive with clean, dry hair for all appointments.
  11. Form Salon will not be performing any blowdrying services at this time. Form Salon may re-evaluate this at a later date. 

***Most Importantly***
If you are feeling sick in ANY way, have been sick in the last 14 days or have been exposed to anyone who has been sick with COVID-19, please let us know 48 hours before your appointment and we will reschedule you for a later date. 

Stylists and Staff

  1. All stylists and staff members will wear masks and may choose to wear other personal protective equipment while working in the salon.
  2. All stylists have been COVID-19 Barbicide certified and are operating under all required State Board of Cosmetology guidelines.
  3. Staff members will be expected to do an hourly cleaning of all high touch surfaces in salon. 
  4. Stylists will be cleaning all tools, salon chairs and surfaces between each client.

Salon Environment

  1. All magazines have been removed from the salon.
  2. Retail shelves will be "Please Look, Don’t Touch". We will be happy to package up any retail products for you to take home. If you would like to do a curbside pickup of products, please email with desired product purchase and date of pickup and we will be in touch to complete your transaction. 
  3. Salon environment will be fully disinfected at the beginning and end of every work day. 
  4. Each station in salon will be sanitized after every client.
  5. Stations will be utilized to maintain a 6 foot social distance at all times.

Consent Form

Please fill out the following form prior to your appointment.

Form Salon COVID-19 Appointment Consent Form